About Us

Peerless Resource Recovery's Meramec Valley Processing Facility (MVPF) will provide the community with full service waste handling needs. Today's waste needs require a well managed plan that includes cost effective handling and safe disposal of waste.

A transfer facility is only capable of bringing solid waste to a site, transferring that waste into another vehicle, and finally transporting that original incoming waste away for disposal elsewhere.

A transfer station license does not address the issue of reclaiming, recovering or recycling any material or resource that would benefit our Earth.

On a much more integrated level, our processing facility incorporates a full service approach to the management of waste generated in a community. The Meramec Valley Processing Facility possess the ability to process all incoming waste, recover reusable materials and transfer the remaining unusable waste out to an appropriate landfill as necessary.

Meramec Valley Processing Facility's mission is to incorporate material recovery into responsible management of our communities waste. Limited landfill space dictates the need for a "Full Service" approach that reduces our dependence on landfills by the recovering and processing valuable materials rather than burying the good stuff!

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